Chapter Books

My first books were chapter books for younger readers.  Five are about a group of friends; a different child plays the main role in each book.  Ivy was my first character, followed by her friend, Leo. In each book a new background character caught my interest and became the main character in my next book.  The books about Ivy and her friends are:

Don’t Be Mad, Ivy
Toad Food and Measle Soup
Lucky Charms and Birthday Wishes
Just for the Summer
It’s a Deal, Dogboy.

My other chapter book, Ballet Bug, is a book about a girl who loves both ballet and ice hockey.  During the Christmas season she performs in the Nutcracker.  My daughter and my niece both danced in the Nutcracker when they were young so I grilled them for details and situations. If this book had a subtitle it would be, "Bad behavior backstage".